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Whats your plan? (11/07/2018)

What did you do with your time last week? I had asked you to do some tracking of it and wrote that we would be continuing this week where we left off.

My youngest has decided that she wants to be active in sports. Being in 7th Grade, she is now able to participate in competitive sports against other schools. We as her parents were just a bit apprehensive when she said she wanted to try out for the volleyball team. She had my mind spinning with all the different thoughts that this had elicited. 

Every topic that I have written within this column and so many more that I have yet to touch on are in one way or another exhibited in participating within a team. Individuals need to grow and be able to excel to somewhat of perfection and then lose themselves to the team identity. This requires not only many hours of practice but so much more that I don’t have adequate space today to detail. And I haven’t made mention of the expectation to win. The easy way out for me would be that she not make the team and I would only have to deal with putting her back together emotionally.

She did make the team. I am grateful for the journey and the growth that the season provided her. I am also thankful for her basketball experience that ended all to abruptly when she didn’t make the team. She gained unbelievable growth and will need to decide how this experience will mold her. As her Father, I will place her in situations that will enable her to grow. 

We were fortunate to have one such moment this last Saturday. We came to watch Emily Ehrke, Alexis Dorantes, Betsy Myers, Katie Williams, Grace Alonso, Abby Mendoza, Kathy Corona, Halle Charter, Noemi Martinez, Sierra Murphy, Callie Muniz, Emma Doherty, and Allison Lux play volleyball in Red Bluff. We certainly weren’t the only one either; Arbuckle must have been pretty quiet. 

We came to watch. These Lady Bears came to play! And we fans couldn’t have been disappointed. 

It was a close first game with Pierce finally coming out on top. The second game saw their opponent start to pull away and yet they fought back to take the game. The Ladies dug themselves a hole in the third game and yet turned up the intensity and provided us with an incredible performance to take the game. 

Congratulations to the Lady Bear Volleyball team for claiming the Title of Northern Section Division 4 CHAMPIONS. Well done Ladies, well done! 

Not only did we glory in your achievement, but a faint spark was again ignited in a struggling 7th grader. You have set an awesome example. For both, you will ever be my heroes! 

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