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What’s your plan? (11/14/2018)

What have you been doing with your time lately?

I had asked you to do some tracking of it and wrote that we would be continuing where we left off. 

I got a little sideways last week for some reason; something much more important came up! If your priorities are in place, these things are easily handled and do not distract from accomplishing tasks and getting things done. 

Personal growth has been the focus here. But when the community grows by coming together to rally around something more prominent than the individual members, it’s a better thing. The Lady Bears and volleyball has taken center stage of me as well as a large part of the Arbuckle community. Sadly, this story ended way too soon for all of us and still, what an incredible feat to do and go as far as they have! It was the last volleyball game for the Pierce Seniors. I think it interesting how young this team is. Many will be back and a few for two seasons back at Pierce!

It is worth mentioning these young ladies again (ordered by their jersey number). Emily Ehrke, Alexis Dorantes, Betsy Myers, Katie Williams, Grace Alonso, Abby Mendoza, Kathy Corona, Halle Charter, Noemi Martinez, Sierra Murphy, Callie Muniz, Emma Doherty, and Allison Lux are the 2018 Lady Bears. 

You have set a remarkable example in your accomplishment; individually and as a whole. If it were my world, we would be throwing you a champions parade down main street and in the least the reason for a community-wide rally in the gym or at LeMaster Field. 

We need more reasons to celebrate us and stop the all too common promoting of hate that we see rampant on social media. Ladies, You will ever be our heroes! 

If you did track your time, what did you discover? 

I hoped that you received some valuable insight as to how and where your time is spent and more so where it would be better invested. 

To get things done, you must become an investor of time and not a spender of it. 

We spend way too much of our life wasting time. Watching TV was the early idler. 

When did the word couch potato make the vernacular? You might Google it. 

Today I watch my Girls spend their time on their devices. I don’t think they are alone. So much valuable intelligence will come from analyzing what we do. The categories I suggested were just a start. Add more according to what priorities you have. 

I needed to find time to get my class time in and visually spotted how to accomplish it by viewing the time I spend commuting. I doubled up on listening to my reading assignments while driving. How will you become time investors? Please leave me comments with the Pioneer Review or at Scott@arenscp.com ■

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