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Life… as I see it (11/14/2018)

Yep. I’m officially 70. All the build-up and hoopla was just the beginning of the reality that was to come.

Last week I wrote about the power of music and then we went off to Las Vegas for three nights. I proved my point there.

A Righteous Brothers show did not let me down. Instead, it took me back to my youth and refreshed my spirit a bit. 

Plus, Bill Medley shook my hand. That was a thrill for this old gal.

Another show that we saw was a Motown tribute; It was so much fun, and again the music brightened our night. 

We met the cast after the show, and when I complimented one young man who had portrayed Stevie Wonder, he said he was raised with the church, so he had the spirit. I liked that.

Yes, music makes a difference in our lives and our attitudes. It’s a good thing and a gift.

We went on one of those timeshare sales tours. We didn’t buy, but for going, we got some pretty sweet prizes. If we were younger, we might have considered this timeshare, but we used our better judgment at this stage of the day. 

We came home to California to find smoke-filled air again. Horrific fires are burning in the Chico/Paradise area and also in Southern California – there are death and destruction. Prayers are needed for many.

Although we are hours away from the fires, our county is nonetheless filled with smoke.

I can usually see across the lake from our house, but now, all we see is smoke.

My heart and my mind are with the folks that have lost so much. 

On Monday we will leave for North Dakota. We are driving this trip, so it will take a few days to make the trip. God willing and with clear roads, we hope to be there in time for the annual Home on the Range Basket Bash. It is a great fundraiser for the child care facility we all love so much. 

I’ve never before gotten to attend, so I’m looking forward to it and especially to a night out with all of my kids.

We are both so excited to get on the road and get back to Beach. This trip we will be furnishing our house. We’re like a couple of kids with a new Christmas toy. 

I love being with my family or the holidays. Now Tom loves them too, so it makes it even better.

Life is good today

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