What’s your plan? (11/21/2018)


It’s the glass half full or the glass half empty argument. My heart sorrows as well as rejoice presently. The Girls are enjoying the week off from school because of Thanksgiving and because of the Camp Fire; they were released from classes last Thursday and Friday. Now they have too much time on their hands and chose to use it differently than I would. As their Father, I am frustrated because I produce a column with the hopes of helping myself and my readers to improve ourselves one step at a time. What can we do today that will make us better than we were yesterday? This choice must be made by the individual and pressure and coercion won’t get the job done because it will just create bitterness and hostility. All we see on the news is too much hate and I fear we have pushed Love out of our mind.

 There is a whole lot of sorrow, despair, death, and destruction in the aftermath of the Camp Fire and the Woolsey Fire burning down South. Dear friends have lost their home in Southern California. You also have family and friends that these calamities have impacted. The effects will be felt for years to come. Most of us are unable to grasp what these people are going through. We are not in their shoes. Certainly not, but we had better be able to empathize!

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States of America. Not all in the world observe it. I participate in an online university class seeking another degree. It will be bestowed by a university that is accredited here in the US but most of my classmates live abroad. I don’t have this week off! My peers in Canada, some Caribbean islands, Liberia, Germany, and Japan have similar traditions. These countries celebrate at different times, but all are giving thanks for the harvest and the blessings that they have received. Thanksgiving has grown into something quite wonderful for me. I cherish fond memories of family gatherings and feasts in my early years. These later years, I have fashioned an attitude of gratitude as I reflect on my many blessings.

People are hurting. Not only because of the devastating effects of these fires but also because we know out where to look for the good in life. Now, do you see things? Is it full or empty? This week let’s remember the good and make life positive. It’s not just half full folks; it’s full and overflowing. This is the week to reach out to family and friends and put some light in their lives. You know how to do this because you know what puts a smile on your face! Let’s make someone smile. You may leave me comments at Scott@arenscp.com. ■