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Life… as I see it (11/28/2018)

The house in North Dakota is slowly coming together and looking more like a home.

We’ve had so many “big’ deliveries arrive, that Tom watched as one delivery man had a mini meltdown ending with him telling Tom he should buy all this stuff at a store and haul it home himself. 

It was confusing to me since he wouldn’t have a job if things didn’t need to be delivered.

We found ourselves dreading the next delivery that we knew would come. Lucky for us it was a different and more cordial driver.

I never do Black Friday shopping, but we did venture out on Saturday. We got a few bargains, mainly we stocked up on household supplies and food. It was a brisk 26 degrees with a little breeze. Tom kept reminding me of daughter Tiffany’s words of wisdom before his first winter trip to North Dakota. “Learn the words; wind chill,” she warned him.

It was a bit nippy, but nothing we couldn’t handle.

Thanksgiving was a good day. We gathered with friends and family. Ate way to much and ended the day with board games, laughter and good natured but cut throat competition.

It was fun to be in the midst of it all.

It may be colder here than it is in California, but the warm welcome we get makes up for it.

Now we move forward to the Christmas season. As always, I’ve been listening to Christmas music for weeks. Somehow it stretches out the time we reflect and enjoy Christmas and all that it means.

I am so thankful to be near my kids and grandkids this year. We have been blessed more than our share, and I am so very grateful.

At church this morning Pastor shared a long list of names of people in need of prayer. God knows each name on that list and many, many others. 

My cousin from Arkansas called last night. He shared that his niece and her family had lost everything in the Paradise Fire. They had so little time to get out that all they could do was to open their horses’ corral and pray for the best. The family is safe and they recovered their beloved horses in Chico where they had been taken after being rescued.

Life is good today.

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