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Life… as I see it (12/05/2018)

Years ago when we were raising our kids in Beach, ND It was a time for storing up  a lot of memories. Being here now has triggered many of those memories for me.

Every Christmas season (December 1-25) the scene was always the same at my mother-in-law

Tillie’s house. The dining room table was filled with paper and ribbon, gift tags and tape.  

It stayed that way for the month as little by little Tillie wrapped her gifts. 

I used to wonder why she did it a bit at a time. Now I get it. 

For many years I’d travel to Beach for a short holiday visit. Limited time here meant marathon (and exhausting) cooking, baking and gift wrapping. This time the pressure is off.  I have plenty of time to do the things I need to do. 

Gifts are getting wrapped a few each day. Now I get Tillie’s logic.  We learn to pace ourselves.

We had many adventures together; sweet Tillie and me. We laughed, we cried and sometimes we laughed at ourselves until the tears came. I miss her.

This week I had my three grandchildren at our house for an afternoon after school. I love being grandma. Plus, as is my job I get to sugar them up and send them home.

Today at church we had a baptism. As it was, the child was the grandchild of a boy I watched grow up. That kind of makes me feel old, but again I feel blessed to see the circle continue.

We continue to feel the blessings of being here. People are kind and help when they can. I can think of three times this week that we have been shown kindnesses by people in the community.

Our family lost a dear member this week. My brother-in-law Samuel’s mother Wanda passed. Wanda was always good to me. She praised me and encouraged me even when I didn’t deserve it. She loved her family and always wanted what was best for them. She blessed us with her guitar playing and singing at family gatherings and she had the most beautiful smile. We will miss her.

Also this past week, we attended our grandchildren’s Christmas program at school. It was quite the production that was  very good and obviously took great planning and timing. 

The students at Lincoln Elementary are very lucky to have such great teachers and staff guiding them. 

At the program was director Jill Tescher. Jill pours her heart into these productions. It was good to see that she’s still doing it. I was reminded of our beloved Jean Lauppe who for so long helped with music at the school in Grimes, California where I went.

It takes special people with special talent to do these things. Bless them.

I’m even enjoying the cold weather. Christmas is coming.

Life is good today.

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