Thursday, July 29, 2021


Life… as I see it (12/19/2018)

“I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested,” is “Big Bang Theory” Sheldon character line. 

My friend Jim said I should use that as my opening line of my column.

What brought all this on was my admitting something. 

Sometimes when we are in California and planning our trip to North Dakota, I see people I think I know. I can’t say how many times I’ve seen people there who look like people in ND.

The mind is a curious thing.

I think we associate things that are on our minds. 

This week we celebrate grandson Vaughn’s 8th birthday. We began the pre-birthday celebration yesterday with a trip to the recreation center for swimming. Then we went dinner. It kind of tickled me that now we have to call ahead so that restaurant staff can set up for us. This time it was seating for 14 and three tables put together. Family growth is a good thing.

Friday I had a day with my daughter for lunch and shopping. Later we had the grandkids over for Christmas cookie art. I wouldn’t call it mere Christmas cookie decorating because it really was an art project using cookies and icing. Each child’s version of Snoopy on his dog house was unique and of course a masterpiece.

I love that each of the kids have an artistic nature. 

By the end of the day Gramma was kind of pooped. No matter, I can always sleep and recharge. 

As good as my life is, I am fully aware that it is not so for others. We are ever mindful of the folks still struggling in the aftermath of the California fires.

Too, there are people close to me who facing the end chapter of their lives or illness. 

Continuing prayer for all of these people is not a waste of time. 

Tom and I gather with friends on Wednesday nights for bible study and prayer. I am so touched by the strength and dedication in this group. Simple as it is, fellowship with Christian friends can be just what the spirit needs.

God is good and life is good today.

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