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What’s your plan? (12/19/2018)

Now that I am committed to moving myself out of my comfort zone, I hope that I can say I have accomplished something positive with my attributions here each week. December is my least favorite time of the year. All I hear is buy and spend, buy and spend. I am glad that I don’t make a living out of the retail business and December sales. Reviewing, this is the time of the year that we will run up and max out our credit cards. We talked about becoming slaves to this. There is good council in cutting up your credit cards.

My commitment to the Pioneer Review has forced me to look at a bigger picture. Not on any global scale, just in my own little world. Not much news worthy of Christmas Eve on the evening of the 24th and Christmas following on the 25th (I could ‘grinch’ on this for an extremely large word count). If I want to talk about Christmas here in the column, I will need to get my polished piece to Lloyd sometime before the 17th deadline so that the paper can make the newsstands on the 19th. I am not the least bit Christmassy anytime until the evening of the 24th if I’m lucky. Maybe you have a bit of empathy for my predicament?

I do write an opinion piece and my thoughts can’t be shared until someone actually reads my column. There are 7.7 billion people on earth today, give or take one or two. 3.8 billion have their beliefs grounded in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; the importance being that their traditions teach of Christ, the coming Savior of the world. 2.2 billion confess (Christians) the belief that He has come. His birth is the reason for Christmas.

My House will share with you that He lives and that He is the Only Begotten Son of our Heavenly Father. From the beginning, He has done the will of the Father. The plan has always been to do the Father’s will and to ransom Himself in mercy so that justice could not be cheated — He would make an Atonement. Every one of us would be redeemed from sin on condition that we take on His Name, live by His teachings, and conform our will to the will of Him whose will He does. Our death has never been the end. He has prepared the only way back to live again with the Father. This is the incredible gift of the season. One that is not withheld from anyone; those past, 7.7 today, and those in the future. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I thank you for reading and for pondering the reason for the season. I will be striving to be grateful for Christ’s love each and every day, all year long. . ■

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