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Life, as I see it. (12/26/2018)

Life… as I see it

Kathy Craigo-harteis 

Local Columnist

Just as with  anyone’s birthday we prepare for the birth of the boy child born in a manger.

Most people are planning a party.

I, like so many others, get wrapped up in the preparation of it all.

I’ve cooked, shopped and wrapped. I have to make sure all of the favorites are there for everyone.

Truth be told I don’t have to do it.

A few years ago my father passed a few days before Christmas. At first I wasn’t going to make the trip to North Dakota but did at my kids’ urging. 

There wouldn’t be time to bake and make holiday foods once I got here. 

Guess what. It didn’t matter. 

We were together. We loved each other.

Isn’t that what God intended for his kids?

Since we’ve been back in Beach, ND we’ve been attending my home church; First Lutheran. It makes me so happy to be back and to be welcomed and loved as if I never left.

In our lives we have chapters. Like any book there are those times of sadness, joy, drama , delight and frustration. There are challenges and triumphs.

Since being here these past couple of months, I have come face to face with memories, change, loss and additions.

For that reason among others I am reigning myself in on getting trapped in the trappings of Christmas.

Instead, I remind myself I am not too busy to take the time to reflect on what this is all about.

It’s about a boy child born in a manger. Happy Birthday Jesus.

Life is good today.

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