Monday, July 26, 2021


Police called following Pierce-Hoopa basketball game

Colusa County Sheriff’s deputies responded to an altercation at the Pierce High School gymnasium following the State Championship Game against Hoopa Valley last Wednesday. 

According to an on-scene sports reporter for the Pioneer Review, as both teams cleared the court, fans and spectators started to argue. 

“The court was full of people milling around, and some people started fighting,” said Jennifer Blue, a reporter for the Pioneer Review. 

Two Sheriff’s deputies already on scene observed the altercation, the department said in a press release.

“Deputies on scene detained several persons related to the physical altercation,” said Sgt. Mike Bradwell of the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office. “While investigating, several verbal altercations erupted in the gymnasium.”

According to Blue, she witnessed several fans of one team antagonize the other side, and those fans took the bait. Meanwhile, school staff was working within the crowds to defuse tensions and to move people safely on their way. 

“During this time an elderly gentleman fell to the ground, and the circumstances leading to his fall are unknown,” said Sgt. Bradwell. 

Medics responded to the scene where 82-year-old, Walter Gray, was assessed and later transported to the Colusa Medical Center for unknown injuries. 

Sheriff’s deputies initiated an investigation into the circumstances involving Gray’s fall as a possible crime. 

“Surveillance footage from within the Pierce High School Gymnasium has been obtained and reviewed. Unfortunately, the circumstance revolving around [Grey’s] fall is just out of the view of the camera,” Sgt. Bradwell said. 

Deputies attempted to obtain statements and additional video footage, however, reporting parties became uncooperative. 

“In regards to the physical altercation investigated by the deputies, the victims refused prosecution and agreed to go their separate ways,” Sgt. Bradwell said. 

At the time of press, no charges were filed, and the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office has established this as an ongoing open investigation.

“We have no further information at this time,” Sgt. Bradwell said.

If anyone has any information or evidence regarding the circumstances which occurred in the gymnasium, they are urged to contact the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office at (530) 458-0200.

Agencies that assisted with the incident included the Williams Police Department, the Colusa Police Department, the California Highway Patrol, and the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office. ■

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