Monday, July 26, 2021


Bicyclist hit by car in Colusa

An accident at Bridge and Oak Street in Colusa Friday sent one bicyclist to the hospital.

Just before 7:35 AM on Friday, the CHP got a call about an accident at the corner of Bridge and Oak Street involving a bicyclist.

According to the CHP, the Bicyclist, Pedro Estrada, 61, of Colusa, was riding his bike northbound on Bridge Street near the right curb approaching Oak Street when Clayton Angus, 18, of Princeton was driving southbound on Bridge Street in a Chevrolet Pickup. 

“As both the bicyclist and the Chevrolet reached the intersection, the Chevrolet began to turn left as the bicyclist traversed the intersection,” said CHP Press Information Officer, Franco Castillo. “The Chevrolet and bicyclist collided, knocking the bicyclist to the ground.”

The bicyclist was transported to the Colusa Medical Centers for minor injuries the CHP said. 

“Mr. Estrada was not wearing a bicycle helmet and sustained minor injuries,” said Castillo.

The Williams area CHP would like to stress the importance of wearing proper safety equipment when riding a bicycle and sharing the roadway with motorists. 

“Regardless of who causes the collision, the bicyclist is almost always suffering the worst outcome. The decision of a bicyclist to wear the proper safety equipment may better their outcome if a collision occurs,” said Castillo. ■

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