Sex offender case postponed


A convicted sex offender will enter a plea on March 27 on charges that he molested a child other than the one he is currently serving time in prison for. 

Jerry Alva “J.R.” Gregston, 48, of Williams, has been serving a 24-year sentence that followed his 2012 conviction for continuous sexual abuse of a child. 

Gregston was brought up on fresh charges in 2018, allegedly for committing a lewd act with another child who came forward after his earlier conviction, according to the District Attorney’s Office. He is also charged with two other felonies in connection with the current case, alleging that he performed sex acts with the child when he or she was under the age of 10, court records indicate. 

Gregston, an inmate of Mule Creek State Prison, was in Colusa County Superior Court on March 13 for entry of plea, but the hearing was again postponed at the request of his public defender, Albert Smith.■

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