Court orders suspected shooter to be arraigned for attempted murder 


Colusa County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey A. Thompson said there was sufficient evidence for convicted felon Rodolfo Martinez Madrigal, Jr., 28, of Gridley, to be arraigned on charges of attempted murder, following the defendant’s preliminary hearing on Thursday. 

Madrigal, Jr. is accused of firing a sawed-off 12-gauge, pump-action shotgun at his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend in front of his residence in the mobile home park on Baldson Street, in Grimes, around 10:30 AM on Feb. 25. 

Law enforcement officials from the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office testified that the victim, Alex Uribe, reported that Madrigal Jr., whom he knew was in a relationship with the mother of his child, confronted him with the weapon but that he was walking away when the shot was fired. 

Uribe was uninjured, but told Sheriff’s officials that Madrigal warned him that “he was not playing” around, before he jumped into and sped away in a dark Honda sedan. 

Another resident of the mobile home park saw the argument between the two men that morning and reported hearing the shot a few minutes later, but he did not witness the actual firing of the weapon, according to the testimony of Deputy Trenton J. Beck. 

Beck said the witness described a man matching Madrigal’s description with the gun before he and the driver of the Honda left the scene. 

Colusa County Task Force Commander Sgt. Mike Bradwell testified that he and his partner were in route to Grimes when they passed the Honda entering Colusa. 

Bradwell said they flipped around and followed the vehicle as it turned onto Wescott Road and then right onto Larson Lane, at which time they initiated a traffic stop. 

“We saw a shotgun fly out of the passenger window,” Bradwell said. 

Although Bradwell said the driver of the Honda yielded to the traffic stop, he sped off after he and his partner got out of their vehicle and approached. 

A search warrant later served at the home of Madrigal Jr.’s girlfriend on Main Street in Grimes turned up a 12-gauge shotgun shell, found in the cushions of a sofa, and 22-caliber ammunition, according to the testimony of Det. Christopher Doble. 

Doble said Madrigal Jr.’s parole officer told him the convicted felon had reported that he had been staying at that address and that his intent was to marry the resident and remain in Colusa County. 

Madrigal Jr. will be arraigned at 2 PM on May 1 on charges of attempted murder, possession of a weapon by a felon, possession of ammunition, and two special allegations related to his past history of violence, which could add additional time to his sentence if convicted. 

In 2011, Madrigal Jr. was convicted of stabbing a rival gang member, following a St. Patrick’s Day altercation near Madison Bear Garden, in Chico. 

A Butte County judge sentenced Madrigal Jr. to two years in state prison for assault with a deadly weapon with an additional five years for the special allegation that the incident was gang related. 

The Colusa County District Attorney’s Office has not alleged that the Grimes incident was gang related, but rather a domestic matter. 

Madrigal Jr. is represented by Public Defender Albert Smith, whose line of questioning at the preliminary hearing confirmed that no one actually saw Madrigal Jr. fire the weapon, the gun recovered on Larson Lane had not been tested for gun powder residue, and that no spent shotgun shells were found. 

He also claimed there was no proof that Madrigal was living at the Grimes home in order to tie the ammunition found there directly to him. 

Judge Thompson, however, said there was sufficient evidence in the case for the proceedings to move forward. ■

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