Psych evaluation ordered for accused killer 

Martin Ehrke, 49, of Arbuckle, was arrested on two counts of homicide Thursday.

The man accused of the 2018 double murder of two Colusa women at his family’s almond farm in Arbuckle has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is competent to stand trail. 

Martin Ehrke, 50, has been in custody in the Colusa County Jail since Jan. 25, 2018, after the bodies of Kimberly Lynn Taylor, 39, and Jessica Lynn Mazak, 25, were found on the property. 

The two women, who were last seen alive around noon on Jan. 24, died of blunt force trauma to the head, according to the Colusa County coroner. Taylor’s body had been located in a chest freezer in a separate dwelling on the property, and Mazak’s body was found submerged in a pond. 

Ehrke appeared in Colusa County Superior Court on May 22, which had been scheduled for a Miranda hearing and the setting of a preliminary hearing. 

Ehrke’s public defender, John K. Hinley, requested the psychiatric evaluation.  

Superior Court Judge Jeffrey A. Thompon assigned Forensic Psychologist Don Stembridge and County Psychiatrist Gerarldo Tirabio to examine Ehrke’s mental ability to stand trial and participate in his defense. 

Ehrke will next appear in court on July 3 for a review of his health records. ■

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