Trial set for suspected gunman


The trial readiness conference for the man accused at firing a sawed-off shotgun at a Grimes man last February has been postponed three weeks to allow his defense attorney to possibly settle the case with prosecutors.

Rodolfo Martinez Madrigal, Jr., 28, of Gridley, is accused of firing a 12-gauge, pump-action shotgun at his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend in the mobile home park on Baldson Street, in Grimes on Feb. 24.

Madrigal, Jr., a felon with a violent criminal history, reportedly fled the scene after the incident in a vehicle driven by another man, but a search warrant served at his girlfriend’s home turned up a 12-gauge shotgun shell, and also 22-caliper ammunition. The sawed off shotgun was recovered in Colusa after law enforcement spotted it being tossed from a vehicle, Sheriff’s officials said.

Madrigal’s trial is set to begin Oct. 15, but neither the Colusa County District Attorney’s Office nor the defense admitted to being ready.

Colusa County Chief Deputy Attorney Brendan Farrell requested the continuance from Superior Court Judge Jeffrey A. Thompson on July 3 to tie up loose ends on his part, but it was Public Defender Albert Smith that echoed the need for more time.

“There is at least a chance that we can settle this case, given sufficient time,” Smith said.

Madrigal Jr. is charged with attempted murder, possession of a weapon by a felon, possession of ammunition, and two special allegations related to his past history of violence, which could add additional time to his sentence if convicted.

In 2011, Madrigal Jr. was convicted of stabbing a rival gang member, following a St. Patrick’s Day altercation in Chico.

Smith said his client, who remains in custody at the Colusa County Jail, is being cooperative. His next appearance in court will be 1 PM on July 24 for a trail readiness conference with the judge. â– 

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