Convicted felon sentenced to state prison 


A convicted felon is back in state prison on felony assault and weapons charges. 

Rodolfo Martinez Madrigal Jr., 29, of Grimes, was sentenced on Oct. 25, to nine years for assault with a deadly weapon, with special allegations of using a firearm, and having a prior prison record after he dropped his request to the court to reverse his guilty plea. 

Madrigal Jr. was originally charged with attempted murder and a host of other felony charges, after he fired a 12-gauge, pump-action shotgun at his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend in front of the victim’s residence in the mobile home park on Balsdon Street, in Grimes, around 10:30 AM on Feb. 25. 

He was arrested on March 7 after a search warrant was served on a cell phone discovered after the shooting. A search warrant served on the home where he was living, turned up a 12-guage-shotgun shell and 22-caliber ammunition, authorities said.  

The sawed off shotgun was recovered in Colusa after the Colusa County Sheriff’s Task Force officer saw it being tossed from a vehicle they were pursuing following the incident.  

Madrigal Jr. pleaded guilty to lesser charges in July but later petitioned the court to withdraw that plea, claiming his public defender coerced his decision. 

A hearing on the motion was set for next month but Madrigal Jr. reversed course last week and accepted his sentence, which came with an enhancement for having served prison time already for a violent felony. 

In 2011, Madrigal Jr. was convicted by a jury of stabbing a rival gang member following a St. Patrick’s Day altercation in Chico. 

Although he denied the stabbing, he admitted in court to being a gang member since the age of 13. ■

Susan Meeker
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