Thursday, July 29, 2021


Parks and Rec districts close out one season and look to the next

Representatives from Colusa, Arbuckle, and Maxwell recreation programs on Sunday gathered in Arbuckle for their biannual meeting. 

The group discussed last year’s events and began to look ahead to the future as they coordinate the county’s upcoming events. 

“Every time we have a meeting, we come away with something new,” commented Mary Grimmer, manager for Arbuckle Parks and Recreation District. 

The local Parks and Recreation Districts’ primary role is to provide youth programs like swimming, basketball, and sports clinics. They also provide adult programs and host community events. 

The meeting consisted of looking at problems that arose last year and specific rules for the future, while making sure everyone is on the same page to keep it fair.

Jenny Lay, with Colusa’s Parks and Recreation, said, “This is a successful meeting for coming up with new rules because we are coming right off of basketball, So all the changes we need to make, we talk about it right away.”

“It is a living thing; it’s not ever fixed, all of our programs are,” Grimmer also pointed out. “We are more than willing to listen to the needs, the concerns, and suggestions of the public and what they’d like to see. Every year might be a little bit different. That’s because we’re trying to take what they tell us and incorporate it in the program.” 

The group also discussed making sure every youth  gets to try different positions in their sport. While playing is a huge element of sports, Grimmer and Lay clarified their intentions are to help kids grow into athletes. 

“We look at how to educate them and their abilities. Developmentally ready, we want to educate them,” Lay said. 

Grimmer added , “We’re shooting for the goal that they will be ready. If they’re not going to move on to those levels (junior high, high school, and beyond) that they’ve learned all the advantages that sports can give (them).”

District directors emphasize to youth teamwork, how to persevere, how to loose, and how to win with grace. 

Grimmer said even if the youth don’t move on they would have learned all the benefits of being on a team and playing a sport.

In addition to the children, young adults were a topic discussed while managing the upcoming swimming season.

“Not only are we putting this out for the youth, but we also like to hire the high school kids because we want to give them the opportunity,” Lay said. ■

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