Thursday, July 29, 2021


Hearing continued on CIP annexation 

The Colusa City Council has continued the public hearing related to the potential annexation of Colusa Industrial Properties into the city limits to their regular meeting in April. 

City officials last week opened the hearing with an intent to amend the General Plan and sphere of influence so that the application for annexation can go to the Local Area Formation Commission for final approval. 

The Planning Commission signed off on the project at their February meeting. 

City Manager Jesse Cain said the General Plan amendment is needed to establish allowable land uses that are consistent with the county’s existing General Plan, and that no changes in land use are expected.

“It’s literally word for word,” Cain said. “We just took the county off and put in the City of Colusa, so it mirrors exactly what is going on out there.” 

The proposed 684-acre annexation is comprised primarily of the Colusa Industrial Park, along with the Colusa County Airport, the latter of which the county had originally planned to exclude from the annexation process. About 107 acres on Wescott Road are also included in the proposal, and will be annexed into Colusa as single-family residential property. 

City officials said most of the project was anticipated for annexation when LAFCo adopted the City of Colusa sphere of influence in 2012. 

Cain said there is a chance that some changes to the actual annexation map will occur. 

“We still have some more work to do on that,” Cain said. 

Meanwhile, city and county officials are attempting to hammer out an agreement that will determine how they share tax revenue prior to LAFCo approving the annexation, but the process hasn’t been going particularly smooth, said Colusa Mayor Greg Ponciano. 

“This whole project only makes sense if there is a financial gain to the city, or at the very minimum a net neutral – with the possibility of a increase to the city in the future” Ponciano said.

At last week’s hearing, Paul Sankey raised concerns regarding the inclusion of the Colusa County Airport into the city limits, but City officials said the county’s operation of the airport would not change regardless of whether the airport remained in the county or was annexed into the city. 

The public hearing has been continued to 6 PM on April 16. ■

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