Thursday, July 29, 2021


County takes next step to increase energy efficiency 

Colusa County officials will be working with a Sacramento-based energy management company to develop a comprehensive infrastructure improvement and retrofit project that could potentially save the county thousands of dollars in energy costs each year. 

The Colusa County Board of Supervisors on March 19 contracted with AirCon Energy to move forward with an in-depth analysis of the county’s existing equipment, proposed replacements, and project costs for about 23 measures that will also help the county meet the state’s clean energy mandate by 2030, officials said. 

Colusa County Administrative Office Wendy Tyler said she and Supervisor Denise Carter, in the past year, have chosen 23 projects totalling $2.4 million for consideration from a preliminary report that listed about 37 recommendations. 

“The idea of doing this project would be to achieve an energy efficiency savings to basically pay for – over time – the cost of the project,” Tyler said. 

AirCon will provide the county with an investment grade audit that details more specifically the actual costs for projects that include a comprehensive shift to LED and solar power at a number of county buildings. 

“It will also be the document we use to receive financing for the project,” Tyler said. “Obviously there will be a financing mechanism involved.” 

Projects targeted are a complete lighting, heating, and air-conditioning retrofit at the Historic Colusa County Courthouse, Hall of Records, and Plaza Building, along with roof-top solar projects; a solar parking structure at the Williams Library; a carport shade structure at the transportation yard; lighting retrofit at the Courthouse Annex Building; lighting and HVAC retrofit at the Colusa Branch Library and Environmental Health, along with rooftop solar; a carport solar array at Health and Human Services; and a lighting and HVAC retrofit, along with roof-top solar, at Behavioral Health. 

Tyler said the California Energy Commission has a low cost 1 percent financing program, although it is on a first come-first served basis. 

If that funding proves unavailable, the county plans to work with AirCon on other financing options. 

Colusa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Kent Boes said the county looks to have all non-efficient equipment replaced within 10 years. ■

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