Thursday, July 29, 2021


County extends cannabis operations to include nurseries, testing

The Colusa County Board of Supervisors last week introduced an ordinance to amend the county code on commercial cannabis operations to include marijuana nurseries and testing at Colusa Industrial Properties. 

The action falls just four months after the board approved limited indoor cultivation only in the business park, which is currently in the process of being annexed into the city of Colusa where marijuana processing and distribution have been embraced. 

Community Development Director Greg Plucker said there was no specific reason for omitting nurseries or testing from their Jan. 22 ordinance to begin with, but that it only came to their attention after the county was contacted by a nursery company interested in starting a cannabis business at CIP. 

“We believe these would be compatible with the other license types that the cannabis ordinance currently allows,” Plucker said. 

The county now plans to include the two uses, which would go into effect 30 days after final approval in June, which would pave the way for Golden Roots Nursery to operate a cannabis nursery in Colusa. 

Golden Roots Nursery is a Yuba City-based tissue culture cloning business that currently offers clonal rootstock for walnuts, almonds, and pistachios. The company has shown interest in a Colusa-based cannabis operation since 2017. 

The company said previously that they would like to develop a tissue culture cloning nursery in the first phase but eventually expand to include hybrid greenhouses where larger flowering plants would be grown and construct a warehouse used for manufacturing (extraction) and distribution.

County Counsel Marcus Kropf said amending the county code does not constitute approval of the project. 

As with any cannabis license type, Golden Roots Nursery would still have to go through the permitting process, which includes the submission of an odor control plan, site plan, security plan, safety plan, waste management plan, and other information the county deems necessary to evaluate the proposed operation, officials said. â– 

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