Sunday, June 20, 2021



Williams Police using SLESF funds on cops 

The Williams Police Department will once again spend its annual Supplemental Law Enforcement Services Fund allotment on police officers salaries, as it has done the past two decades. 

The department plans to swear in two new police officers on June 4, said Police Chief Jim Saso. 

As identified in California government code, a city or county receives the grant to enhance the delivery of law enforcement services to the community. 

“By law, we have to appropriate that money,” Saso said. 

The funds represent dedicated revenues from taxes collected by the state on vehicle license fees for frontline law enforcement services, personnel, equipment, and policing programs. 

The Williams City Council approved the proposed use of the annual $100,000 allotment during their regular meeting on May 15. 

Meanwhile, Sgt. Steve Woldanski, K-9 handler Sgt. Jennifer Parker, and Eileen Niblack, a records technician, remain on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into confidential internal affairs. 

Saso said he expects some resolution to the matter, which began in early January, soon. 

Police Chief Ed Anderson, who was also embroiled in the investigation, resigned in March. ■

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