Monday, July 26, 2021


Grant application for Grimes levee repair to move forward

The Colusa County Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 last week to contribute $10,000 to help the Sacramento River West Side Levee District’s apply for a hazard mitigation grant to help reduce flood risks in the town of Grimes. 

The West Side District had already submitted a notice of intent to the California Office of Emergency Services, who informed the district that proposed project was eligible for funding, which is 75 percent funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

The Grimes Seepage Mitigation Project would resolve issues that allow water from the Sacramento River to seep through and under the levee, directly adjacent to the town, said Public Works Director Scott Lanphier. 

“The ultimate goal of the project is to increase the level of protection for Grimes to at least 100-year,” Lanphier said. “This will allow the town of Grimes to continue to benefit from reduced rate flood insurance as the FEMA mapping progresses within Colusa County.”

Supervisor Denise Carter said the estimated cost of the project is $24 million.

“The district is applying for $18 million, which is about 75 percent,” Carter said. “If they can get that, then there will be a 25 percent local cost share.”

Carter said that if the district can secure federal funding, then they stand a good chance of securing funding from the California Department of Water Resources, which has about $25 million to allocate to small communities. 

Although competitive, officials believe that because the hazard mitigation project is recommended in the draft Small Community Feasibility Study for Grimes, which is being led by Colusa County, the project would be in an excellent position to be awarded the limited DWR funding. 

“It’s a benefit to the state if this is successful,” Carter said. “And it is obviously a benefit to small communities.” 

The total cost to prepare the grant application is about $23,000 plus staff time. ■

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