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Letter to the Editor (04/10/2019)

Dear Editor, 

Each time I drive down Market Street in our fair town of Colusa I see the naked marquee of the Colusa Theatre, and it is shameful. It tells any and all who come through town that Colusa is a failure. We are dying. We are a town that cannot support a magnificent old theater that has been a part of Colusa’s life since the construction of this very beautiful updated art Nivea theater. Yes, it’s a crying shame. 

What if somehow the Colusa Theater could be resurrected? What if once a week one of the old classic films were shown in the Theater, something like “Dr. Zhivago,” “Ben Hur,” “To kill a Mocking Bird,” “Mr. Roberts,” and a skillion other great old films that much of the living generation may have never seen, and the old folks would like to reminisce and see them again? Kids should see Black Beauty, My Friend Flicka, Bambi, and other early Disney films. Then perhaps, once a month there could be some live music, or what if Stagehands were to put on their plays in the Colusa Theater instead of a Quonset hut at the fair grounds? Wouldn’t it be great to look up on that lighted marquee and see “Charlotte’s Web,” presented by Stagehands or “The Wizard of Oz?” 

Wonder if folks from the surrounding areas might find out what was going on in Colusa, and come and help fill up the theater to pay for its livelihood. Wonder if parents might bring their kids to see good old fashioned movies with stories on Saturday afternoon matinées instead of mass murders and smashed up cars.

What if?

David Resch, Colusa

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