Thursday, July 29, 2021


Letter to the Editor: My Little Red Wagon

Twenty-seven years ago, my family asked me what I wanted for my 50th birthday. 

I loved working in the yard, so I said I would love to have a Little Red Wagon to haul and help me in the yard.

For 27 years, me and my Little Red Wagon worked side by side. 

We hauled rocks, dirt, stepping stones, plants and more. 

So for our next project we thought we would have a yard sale. In the month of June we had our last yard sale. We loved having yard sales. At times family and friends brought their things to sell. We enjoy talking to the people, and helping out those who could not afford a lot of things. We always tired to give good deals.

But getting back to my last yard sale. In all of my 27 years, NEVER have I had anything taken. But this time, my heart was broken. I have always loved Colusa, and the people have always been good to me, I love you. But this time, there was over $50 of jewelry taken, and a few other miscellaneous items taken. What really broke my heart, was that sometime during Friday night, some came into my yard, and emptied out my Little Red Wagon full of abalone shells and STOLE my Little Red Wagon. 

To the ones who took my Little Red Wagon, I hope you really needed it – If you would have asked, and talked to me, I could have given you another wagon that would have been better for children. 

God bless,

Peggy Lewis, Colusa

“The Yard Sale Queen”

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