Monday, July 26, 2021


Police urge drivers to lock doors; thefts, burglaries on the rise

Colusa police have issued a warning to car and homeowners: Lock up or your precious property or it may be stolen. 

The warning comes after an increase in vehicle thefts and burglaries over the past couple of months. 

“Throughout the holiday season, we probably had a couple dozen reports of thefts and burglaries,” said Lt. Eldon Tamez of the Colusa Police Department. 

The department urges residents to lock their vehicles, secure their items, and lock their doors. 

“Thieves are targeting all over the city. They are finding unlocked vehicles and taking items – whatever they can find,” Tamez added. 

Partly because it’s a seasonal activity, Tamez said that thefts come in waves. 

“Right now we are in a peak of thefts,” he said. “The weather is cold, and people are staying inside, giving the people who take things an opportunity to be outside and go through people’s belongings.”

The Colusa Police Department has recommended that residents also leave their outside lights on to help prevent easy concealment and to report any suspicious activity. 

“We have no leads at the moment,” Tamez said. “But we do have a report that a silver vehicle might be involved. We don’t have the make or model. It was just captured on a resident’s camera that didn’t provide a lot of detail.■

Tips to help prevent break-ins and catch thieves:

1. Lock your doors and roll up your windows.

2. Don’t leave valuables in the car.

3. If you must leave valuables in your vehicle, lock them in the trunk or hide it. Do not leave it in plain view. 

4. Keep cars clean and clear of clutter to show that nothing of value exists to steal.

5, Activate, or upgrade your vehicle’s alarm system. 

6. Consider installing a car dash cam that alerts you of any suspicious activity while you’re away. 

7. Park your vehicle in a secured garage or well-lit area.

8. Secure any items that must be left in the bed of pickups with chain and padlock.

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