Thursday, July 29, 2021


Plane crash claims two lives, badly injures dog  

Two men were killed when their small aircraft crashed into a water retention pond adjacent a flooded rice field, south of Colusa on Jan. 7, after reportedly hitting a flock of birds. 

The deceased men were later identified as 66-year-old Healdsburg businessman and pilot Jeffery Thomas Webber and 71-year-old Cajun Chef Lionel J. Robin, of Arnaudville, La. The pair had been on a hunting trip in the area. 

The Colusa County Sheriff’s Office said they were alerted around 12:15 PM by the Federal Aviation Administration about the plane crash, a little over two miles south of Colusa, after the plane disappeared from radar. 

A dive team was called to the scene, just off Wescott Road, where the bodies of the two men were found among the wreckage, officials said.

Webber’s dog, a chocolate lab named Roux, survived the crash and was found in the area of Wescott Road, but he was badly injured, officials said. 

Colusa County Animal Control officers transported the dog to Northpointe Veterinary Hospital in Yuba City for treatment. 

“Northpointe was wonderful,” said Animal Control Officer Pam DaGrossa. In addition to being covered in jet fuel, DaGrossa said the dog had a laceration on his back that was not life threatening, a partially collapsed lung, and internal bleeding.

“He was shocking on arrival, but they cleaned him up and stabilized him, and the family was there the next day,” DaGrossa said.  

The FAA and National Traffic Safety Board are investigating the crash. ■

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