Thursday, July 29, 2021


Colusa hosts North Valley FFA contests

Last Wednesday, Colusa FFA hosted the North Valley Section FFA Contests at the Colusa County Fairgrounds. With 12 schools participating, over 300 FFA members filled the fairgrounds covering it in a sea of blue jackets.

“This is my second year competing and I gain skills that an FFA member should possess,” said Rylee Reading, Colusa FFA.

Contests consisted of opening and closing ceremonies, Best Informed Greenhand, Farm Records, and Cooperative Marketing Contests. FFA members competed as both team and in individual contests.

“It was a lot of fun coming back to my home county as a judge for the opening and closing ceremonies and seeing how all the county school chapters performed against other FFA chapters,” said former Maxwell High FFA Sentinel, Hannah Azevedo.

The following is a list of results for each contest:

Opening and Closing Ceremonies Novice Contest

  • 1st: Gridley Gold
  • 2nd: Biggs Gold
  • 3rd: Gridley Blue
  • 4th: Las Plumas Blue
  • 5th: Hamilton City 
  • 6th: Willows Gold

Outstanding Novice Opening and Closing Ceremony Officers

  • President: Diana Munoz, Biggs
  • Vice President: Olivia Enriquez , Willows
  • Secretary: Adrianna Salazar, Las Plumas
  • Treasurer: Audrey Johnson, Gridley 
  • Reporter: Cody Roles, Biggs
  • Sentinel: Bryndys Castaneda, Biggs

Opening and Closing Ceremonies Advanced Contest

  • 1st: Gridley Gold
  • 2nd: Hamilton City Gold
  • 3rd: Chico Gold
  • 4th: Willows Blue
  • 5th: Las Plumas Blue
  • 6th: Gridley Blue

Outstanding Advanced Opening and Closing Ceremony Officers

  • President: Jared Poldervaart, Hamilton City
  • Vice President: Lauren Kelly, Gridley
  • Secretary: Hannah Gonzalez, Hamilton City
  • Treasurer: Aiden Imperatrice, Willows
  • Reporter: Kelsey Santos, Gridley
  • Sentinel: Eliza Sannar , Gridley
  • Historian: Mikenna Lavy, CORE Butte Charter, Chico

Best Informed Greenhand Contest

Teams Placement

  • 1st: Colusa
  • 2nd: Gridley
  • 3rd: Willows
  • 4th: Hamilton City
  • 5th: Arbuckle

Individual Placement

  • 1st: Holly Hickel, Colusa
  • 2nd: Abby Myers, Colusa
  • 3rd: Justin Lee, Colusa
  • 4th: Alicia Andes, Gridley
  • 5th: Olivia Enriquez, Willows

Farm Records Contest

Team Placement

  • 1st:  Willows
  • 2nd: Las Plumas
  • 3rd: Hamilton City
  • 4th: Colusa
  • 5th: Arbuckle

Individual Placement

  • 1st: Lester Squier, Willows
  • 2nd: Magella Millen, Willows
  • 3rd: Maddy Nissen, Willows
  • 4th: Lizeth Madrigal, Williams
  • 5th: Katherine Rotondo, Las Plumas

Cooperative Marketing Contest

Teams Placement

  • 1st: Arbuckle
  • 2nd: CORE Butte Charter, Chico
  • 3rd: Colusa
  • 4th: Biggs
  • 5th: Gridley, Elk Creek, Maxwell

Individual Placement

  • 1st: Crystal Medina, Arbuckle
  • 2nd: Jack Marsh, Arbuckle
  • 3rd: Cody Pearson, Maxwell
  • 4th: Morgan Neher, CORE Butte Charter, Chico
  • 5th: Haley Rood, Biggs

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