Conrado to represent Democratic State Central Committee 

Denise Conrado, of Colusa, is the first Colusa County resident to be elected to represent Assembly District 3 on the Democratic State Central Committee.

Denise Conrado, of Colusa, was elected last month to represent the 3rd Assembly District on the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC). 

The DSCC is made up of three types of delegates, including county committee delegates (Colusa County has five); Assembly District delegates (14 for AD3), and those appointed by elected officials. 

Conrado is the first Assembly District 3 delegate ever to serve from Colusa County. 

“I am proud to represent Colusa County Democrats in Assembly District 3,” Conrado said. “I feel like I am doing my civic duty to be involved in the political process, and to influence the changes I feel need to be made.” 

Assembly District 3 covers a large area and includes only part of Colusa County (Colusa, Maxwell, and Princeton), as well as Chico, Red Bluff, and Redding. 

The District’s delegate elections took place on Sunday, Jan. 27, in Chico. 

Because Democrats had to vote in person, each candidate was allowed to give a one-minute speech. 

“I am greatly appreciative to the Democrats that drove from Colusa and Maxwell to Chico in order to vote for me,” Conrado said. “I received 134 votes, so I also appreciate the voters I don’t know.”

Delegates on the Democratic State Central Committee represent constituents in their Assembly District, and will join caucuses on subjects such as veterans, rural issues, children and women’s issues, and the environment, among others. 

The caucuses are made up of individual members who share similar demographics and/or interests.

Caucuses are formed to foster participation in the policy decisions and outreach programs of the party, Conrado said. 

As a delegate, Conrado is expected to attend two conventions this year to vote on issues and candidates: one in Northern California and one in Southern California.

All travel expenses are paid by the delegates themselves, including airfare, accommodations, meals, dues to join the DSCC, and caucus memberships.

Conrado is a retired educator and is a member of the Colusa County Democratic Central Committee and Indivisible Colusa County. ■

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