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Sacramento Valley Museum to offer new programs 

The Sacramento Valley Museum Board of Directors are putting the historic “Treasure Box” of Williams into the spotlight in 2019. 

The museum, which was built in 1911, housed the Williams High School classes of 1912 to 1956, before it transitioned to a regional museum in 1963. 

“It is indeed a place where history comes alive,” said Director Dixie La Grande. “History is storytelling, sharing tales from the past and more recent present.”

In order to boost interest in the museum, the Sacramento Valley Museum is beginning a number of new programs designed to generate interest in people from Colusa County and beyond. 

At an event at 2 PM today, the museum will host a guided tour of the two-story structure that is filled with pioneer history and artifacts. 

The event will also allow people to sample an old-fashioned classroom session in the newly restored Glen Valley Schoolhouse. The tour will be held prior the Sacramento Valley Museum Association Annual general meeting at 4 PM.

The museum has also announced another new program, Local History Readings and Discussions, which will be offered each Friday morning, from 8:30 to 9:30 AM in the Alumni Room, downstairs. 

That program will begin Feb. 15, and be followed also by an opportunity to sample a classroom session in the Glen Valley Schoolhouse and guided tour of the museum. 

“The first session of the local history readings and discussion will offer an overview of the origins of our county’s sites from “Historic Legends of Colusa County, Bi-Centennial Series,” edited by Fred S. Cook, published by “California Traveler, Inc.,” 1976,” La Grande said. “A bibliography and syllabus of subsequent sessions’ local lore resources will be provided.”

The museum will also open again to the public at large Thursday through Saturday beginning in March. 

La Grande said the community’s support of the museum through memberships, donations, in-kind contributions, space rentals, event participation and attendance, memorials, and volunteering is the only way the Sacramento Valley Museum can survive. 

Residents, schools, and groups from Colusa and neighboring counties are encouraged to visit the Sacramento Valley Museum this year, take a tour, have fun in an old classroom session, and enjoy all events planned in 2019.

“Come with your friends and families,” La Grande said. 

The Sacramento Valley Museum is located at 1491 E Street, Williams. Private and school tours can be arranged by calling 473-2978 or ■

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