Colusa High senior teaches others to be prepared

Colusa High School senior Helen Harris presents Trauma Kits to Jeffrey Isaksen’s physical education class at Egling Middle School as part of her senior project.

Colusa High School senior Helen Harris believes in being prepared in the event of an emergency. 

The 17-year-old is undertaking a senior project that focuses on teaching others what might be required of them to save a life if they witness a serious accident that involves uncontrollable bleeding.

“My overall project entails both informing and equipping the Colusa Unified School District with the knowledge and tools to be prepared for any emergency situation, with an emphasis on tourniquets,” Harris said. “Through demonstrations and interactive presentations, I have successfully informed numerous students and staff on how to properly apply a tourniquet.” 

Harris recently received a $250 grant from Premier Mushroom, Inc. to help with her project, and she accepted the award on Feb. 7 during the annual Awards Breakfast at the Colusa Business and Visitors Center. 

“This money will be used to purchase seven trauma kits that will supplement seven different classrooms,” Harris said. “Each trauma kit includes a tourniquet.” 

Harris said when a traumatic injury on an arm or leg leads to rapid blood loss, a properly applied tourniquet is the most important piece of equipment you can have. 

“A tourniquet will safely limit the amount of blood the victim will lose before receiving hospital treatment,” she said. 

Harris plans to provide all of Colusa Unified School District’s 75 classrooms with trauma kits for use in the event of an emergency. The First Aid kits also contain items like sterile gauze, adhesive tape, adhesive bandages, a splint, antiseptic wipes, and other emergency supplies.

Harris said her fundraising goal is $3,000 to provide kits to each classroom.  

Anyone who wishes to donate to the project can send checks made payable to “Colusa High School ASB” and mailed to 901 Colus Ave., Colusa, CA 95932. ■

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