LEGOs at the library


Saturday morning in the Colusa Library, the LEGO Club gathered for this month’s session. Some were regulars; some were new to the club. 

This session’s theme was “Pyramid City” but that did not mean builders were limited by any means. 

Maribel Hughes played on the floor with 10-month-old Kyley Rose Hughes while Kyley’s big brother socialized and created a work of art with other master builders. 

Although Lupe Ramos typically oversees the children’s events, Erica Kiever, library assistant, was supervising this particular meeting. She ensured each table had a box of LEGOs and she laid out several library books to help inspire the builders. In particular, Monroe kept a large selection of “Minifigs” (LEGO characters) in a separate box and explained, the “Minifigs are always popular.”  Michael Rontani, 2, was thrilled to find Batman when he rummaged through the box.

The kids weren’t the only ones who looked forward to this club. Cindy Steidlmayer, who brought her three granddaughters, said, “The kids love it and I’ll see moms and grandmas here for the events.” The LEGO Club offers a social outlet for adults and children to see familiar faces “and new ones,” as Steidlmayer pointed out.

Library officials say kids benefit from the social element, but they are also being enriched by fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, spatial awareness, organization, and many other areas that the LEGO Club helps develop in children.

Tyler Hughes, 8, created a structure complete with a rooftop garden. Maribel Hughes explains that Tyler has a whole LEGO city at home, complete with a Wonderwoman House, restaurant, and a playroom that he made for his 10-month-old baby sister.  

Once completed, the children carefully placed their creations atop a bookshelf with a title card next to it. 

The scenes will be on display in the children’s section of the library until next month’s club meeting. The previous sculptures from “Theme Park” were taken down to make room for the newest creations. 

Colusa Library’s LEGO Club meets on the fourth Saturday of each month at 10 AM. No registration or cost necessary; all items are provided.

All children and caregivers of all ages are welcome to come, create an interlocking brick scene, and socialize. ■