Williams Art Show highlights student work


The third annual Williams Art Show put creativity, musicality, and artistic talent of Williams Unified School District students on display. 

Hundreds of pieces of art were exhibited at the show on Feb. 26. 

The art program and show, hosted by the Williams Art and Crafts Club, has become a popular event supported by parents and the local community, said teacher Sally Hedley. 

Hedley, a third-year teacher, took over the entire art department this school year, which made it possible for her to have a greater selection of drawings, paintings, ceramics, and other art forms to display at the show. 

“I went from about 20 students to 221 students,” Hedley said. 

Art in school not only helps students with sself-expression confidence, and skills like pproblem-solving it teaches them collaboration and creativity that can help them in their future college or career pursuits, Hedley said. 

This is the first year that students have had a ceramics program, and hand-built pottery and thrown pottery were among the favorite non-judged exhibits. 

Hundreds of pieces of art were judged, and first, second, and third places ribbons were awarded for creations in pencil, acrylic paint, watercolors or a mixture of everything. Photography, digital art, and other art forms were also judged. 

Best of Show winners for painting were Katelynn Hernandez, a senior, with “Nostalgia” and Jasmin Rodriguez, a junior, with “Lovebirds.”

Nayeli Contreras, a sophomore, won Best of Show in photography with “Mexico 2016.”

Seventh grader Haley Berumen’s “collection” of photographs also won a Best of Show nod. 

“I got my inspiration from the Internet and the photography just came naturally,” Berumen said. “I wanted people to be surprised that a 12 year old did this.” 

Parth Patel, a sophomore, earned Best of Show for “The Inferno Insignia” a 3D printed logo.  

Best of Show winners in mixed media were Sierra Miranda, eighth grade, with “Sunset Boulevard,” and Esmeralda Velazquez, seventh grade, with “Three Way Paradise.”

“I was thinking of the movie Madagascar,” Velazquez said. “They landed on an island and I wanted to represent the happy moments from the movie.” 

Miranda, a first year Art Club member, said she was inspired to do the Hollywood sign because it is a place she wants to visit. Winning Best of Show her first year came as a big surprise. 

“It’s exciting,” Miranda said. 

Also winning Best of Show in mixed media was Mauricio Carabeo, an eighth grader, whose multicolor rendition of the late rapper “XXX Tentacion” was inspired by the tragedy of his murder in June during an apparent robbery.  

“He died last year and I wanted to make a memorial in honor of him,” Carabeo said. “He was a good person and he made great music.” One of the most acclaimed pieces of art at the show and Best of Show for drawing was also a memorial for a late singer. 

Montserrat Castillo, a freshman, won Best of Show for her pencil portrait of “Selena,” who was shot and killed by a family friend in 1993, as well as Best of Show for her drawing “Pinky Promise.” 

“Drawing people is very hard so students who can capture someone they care about is impressive,” Hedley said. 

Alondra Cano, a junior, also won Best of Show in drawing for “Heaven or Hell, a self portrait that included depictions of other people that could have good or bad influences on her life. 

Other Best of Show winners were Jovanna Hernandez, a freshman, with “Still Life,” inspired by other still life artists, and Valeria “Jacky” Mendez with a collection of drawings. 

“A Best of Show winner to me is somebody who has a unique perspective; something that is a little different,” Hedley said. “Maybe they just brought more detail or worked on their own time to bring more to the piece.”

Other artwork on display included ‘Lego People’, a new project, and ‘Day of the Dead’. 

Hedley said her goal is to incorporate art at all events that include the community. 

The third annual Art Show garnered the highest turnout of the community to date. 

“Every year we will get better,” Hedley said. “I’m looking forward to the 12th annual or the 20th annual.” 

The event included food and the raffle of prizes donated by the community, which benefits the Art Club and scholarship fund. 

The event included a performance by the Williams High School Mariachi Band. ■

Susan Meeker is the Editor and Reporter for the Pioneer Review. She started her position with the Pioneer Review in January 2017 as the Advertising Manager. Susan specializes in local crime, government reporting. She also loves covering the various topics and events in our county. You can send her a message at susan@colusacountynews.net