Maxwell hosts Home Ec Review and Cooking Craze


Last Saturday morning, 4-H members from around Colusa County entered into competition their best works in arts and crafts, clothing and textiles, fly tying, mini gardens, home furnishings, photography, and foods projects.

The 4-H review is held every year and gives members who compete a chance to have their projects on display for judging. 

Each entered member received a medal or ribbon. For those who exhibited five or more projects, Best of Show ribbons were awarded.

Maxwell 4-H member Bianca Minutti received a Best of Show with her heart crafted candy jar. 

“I was shocked when they called my name,” Minutti said.

The Home Ec Review has been a longtime event in the county, and for the past three years has been held at Maxwell Elementary School. 

“The Home Ec Review has been around ever since I was in 4-H,” said Maxwell Community Club Leader Kristie Pearson. “The event is now permanently held in Maxwell. This is our third year hosting it.”

A favorite, the Cooking Craze, is a newly established competition and this year’s competition included just two teams from Arbuckle. Contestants were given three secret ingredients to prepare their entrée: lamb meat, sour cream, and bell peppers. 

First Place went to the Cooking Divas with members Lina Perez, Lilyana Perez, Emma Schloesser, and adult supervisor Tina Perez, who  prepared meatballs with marinara sauce. The Shake n Bake team of Hudson Blair, Angelo Jacobson, Joseph Jacobson, Zachary Wilderman, and adult supervisor Terry Wilderman prepared lamb burgers, for a second place finish. 

Arts & Crafts: Jordan McPeek, 2nd pl.; Connor Pearson, 2nd pl.; Lance Pearson, 2nd pl.; Leah Pearson, 2nd pl.; Bianca Minutti, Gold and Best of Show; Miyah Reyes, Gold; Reese Vierra, Gold; Madison Pearson, Gold

Quilting: Raegan Kaba, 2nd pl.

Fly Tying: Jordan McPeek, Gold and Best of Show; Rebekah McPeek, Gold: Rebekah McPeek, 3rd pl.

Mini Gardens: Jordan McPeek, Gold and Best of Show; Chase Friel, 2nd pl.; Chase Friel, Gold; Jessie Gibbons, 2nd pl.; Jessie Gibbons, Gold; Lilyana Perez, 2nd pl. 

Home Furnishings: Bianca Minutti, 2nd pl.Connor Pearson, Gold; Miyah Reyes, 2nd pl.; Lance Pearson, Gold; Reese Vierra, 2nd pl.; Leah Pearson, Gold; Madison Pearson, Gold and Best of Show

Photography: Lilyana Perez, 3rd pl.

Foods: Maddi Hansen, 2nd pl.

Commodities: Maddi Hansen, Gold and Pecan basket ■