“Laughter is brightest where food is best.”  -Irish Proverb


Giving of their time and talent, members from the Knights of Columbus and parishioners from Sacred Heart Parish hosted their annual St. Patrick’s Day Dinner on Saturday.

There was no potato famine this year, so the servings were abundant with seasoned corned beef, cabbage, carrots, small red potatoes, and a mustard spread as the pot of gold at the end of the buffet line. Rolls, salad, cupcakes, and drinks completed the traditional Irish meal.

The road rose up to meet Arbuckle Golf club with views of rolling emerald hills, an appropriate choice for location. Attendees did not need a passport, they dressed in green and toasted each other, “Sláinte!”

Anticipating about 300 dinners to be served at the Golf Club, turnout was decent. Many tickets were sold in advance but even more locals showed up with the wind at their backs and left with their hungers satiated. 

A table of items donated were on display for a silent auction. Just in time for many people to finish eating, an auctioneer served up an entertaining exhibition of deserts ranging from a tower of crème-filled cupcakes to merengue pies, and many more homemade delicacies from local bakers.

Apparently touched with the luck of the Irish, Jimena Beltran walked away with arms full of auction bids she won. 

“I loved the auction, both silent and live, and the food was delicious,” Beltran said.

This is an annual event so if you missed out this year, keep an eye open for next year’s bash. You don’t have to be Irish to attend. ■