Mini Miss ready to pass on the crown


The application deadline is fast approaching for the Colusa County Fair’s Mini Miss and Miss Colusa County titles. Pageant applicants have until Friday, April 19 before 5 PM to enter. 

According to last year’s winner, Allison Traynham, 13, contestants get the royal treatment from when they first sign up, and working hard is part of the rewarding experience. 

“You remember little things.” Traynham said. “I just think, the whole thing of being Mini Miss, of being in the pageant was just such a great experience, I feel like everyone should do it, it’s so much fun.”

Applications are available on the fairgrounds website and should be returned to Araceli Plaza via email or traditional mail: 1303 10th St. Colusa, CA 95932. 

If girls are hesitant to participate in the pageant, Traynham said she was able to overcome her nerves by reminding herself that her friends and family were present for support. Although she would have already described herself as bubbly and outgoing, she said, “I’ve learned so much about just being more out there, putting more of myself out there, speaking to others and getting to know other people.”

Although not every girl can win a crown, cash prize, and a bouquet, the girls often find a bigger reward in the friendships that they make there. ■