A family affair


The Colusa County Office of Education’s Local Childcare Planning Council and Children’s Services presented the 17th annual Family Fair on Saturday with attendance at an all-time high. 

The event was to promote family togetherness and to present parents with local resources that are available for residents. 

“We’re almost out of our Sav-Mor bags and we had 450, so that means we’ve almost had 450 kids,” said Outgoing Local Childcare Planning Coordinator Teia Miller, by early afternoon.“It’s our biggest turnout so far. They had 350 last year.”

Miller added, “We’re all about family collaboration, coming out and doing activities together, that’s our main focus here.” 

Maira Velazquez, who is also a Local Childcare Planning coordinator with CCOE, helped Miller list the family resources.

Miller said a lot of county departments participated, including Health and Human Services, DARE, Colusa Fire, and CHP. There were sensory tables, a race table, a magician, tons of different craft activities, and some planting activities as well. Many of the activities were simple enough to implement at home. 

Miller began planning the event in January, and Velazquez will take up the torch for next year’s fair.

Vicki Markss, director of Children’s Services, said she was happy to see that it really has become a family event. She claims that the goal for the fair is to provide outreach and collaborative resources for families, especially in a rural community such as Colusa County. 

Markss said that the program is geared to keep families engaged with their young children and she believes these types events prepare children for success. ■