Egling showcases student talent


The Lions Club hauled over their massive barbecue grill over to George T. Egling Middle School on Wednesday, April 7, for the school’s Open House. Jim Pingrey of the Lions Club presented a check to Principal Jody Johnston for the tradition of the sixth grade trip to science camp, Shady Creek.  

The check came from proceeds from the 2018 Fourth of July Rubber Ducky Race, in which fifth graders customarily assist in selling duck tickets. 

“Last year’s class probably had the highest sales that we’ve had in a while,” Pingrey said. “Normally, we give them $1,500. This year we’re donating $2,000 for the trip.” 

Pingrey added, “We’ve already passed out tickets to the fifth graders so they’re selling tickets all the way to July 4.”

During the Open House, Egling families were welcomed inside the gym to view student exhibits of skyscrapers, repurposed art, missions, and other academic presentations. Ellen Hester, seventh grade math teacher, manned a table showcasing large models proportions; sundry items such as candies, an eraser, a poker chip, etc.

Meanwhile outside, attendees dined while serenaded by each grade’s band and choir.  

Johnston said that many music students have qualified for the State Finals in May and there will also be a spring concert to look forward to as well.■