Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Camp Fire fundraiser brings bicyclists to Maxwell

Saturday morning wasn’t your usual traffic in the town of Maxwell. Hundreds of bicyclists gathered for the inaugural Huffmaster ride to raise money for Camp Fire victims. 

“This is a great event,” said Cathy Crawford Wiser. “The Grasshopper Adventure Rides normally take place in the southern parts of California. For me, this is an extra special ride as I lived on Bismark Street growing up and attended Maxwell Elementary when my dad, Les Crawford was the principal.”

Over 210 bicyclists participated in two available courses, with ages ranging from 11 to 70. Registration started at 7:30 AM in the Maxwell High School parking lot and by 9 AM, finding parking at the high school or nearby streets was virtually impossible. Participants traveled from as far north as Redding, as far east as Lake Tahoe, and as far west as San Fransisco and Santa Rosa.

“This is the furthest inland we have held a Grasshopper event,” said coordinator Jeremiah Kahmosen.

After a brief course description, bicyclists set off on one of two rides: 59 or 89 miles. 

Food and hydration stations were set up along the routes for riders to rejuvenate. 

“It was a beautiful day and an amazing ride,” said Crawford, who participated in the 59 mile route.

About 70 riders took the smaller course and after three hours and 27 minutes, Shanna Sauer from San Francisco was the first to cross the finish line. Lovan Millard and Janine Rood, both of Chico, finished in second and third spots, respectively. 

Riders continued to cross the finish line until the last riders finished around 5:30 PM.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company donated their time and beverages to all riders and La Fortuna catered the event. Kahmosen said the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office and the Maxwell Fire Department were a tremendous help. 

“When we first asked to host the event here, everyone said yes at every corner. We wanted to keep the catering local to influx the community,” said Kahmosen. 

The event raised about $10,000 for Camp Fire Victims. 

“As a survivor of the 2017 Tub Fire in Santa Rosa, I know what the town of Paradise went and is going through,” Kahmosen said.

The event wrapped up around 6:30 PM and by sundown, the streets of Maxwell were free and clear of any cyclists. 

“This was a pretty neat event to witness here in Maxwell,” said Goose Rangel, from the Maxwell Fire Department. ■

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