Monday, July 26, 2021


Relays, Ribbons and Racesat Burchfield Elementary

Burchfield Elementary students had a day filled of fun, excitement, and sportsmanship last week. Kindergartners through third graders took to the transformed recess yard for a day of relay races, hurdles, softball throw for distance, basketball toss for accuracy, hula hoop for time, and many more exciting events. Students previously qualified during PE classes for some of the events.

“This is our second year hosting the Track and Field Day,” said Burchfield Principle Mr. Rodriguez. “We learned a lot from last year and assembled a committee for this year’s event. A preliminary of the events was held in regular PE classes prior to today’s event, to give a list of the top competitors,” 

The annual event began at 9 AM with the Kindergarten and First Grade classes. 

First grader Kaydence Sheley competed in the hurdles event for the first time. 

“I like this day because I can see my friends win and everyone is smiling,” said Sheley.

The idea of using a color coded system for the different class levels made for a smooth day. 

“Last year, being the first year for the event, it went okay but there was a lot we learned. This year we assembled a committee for the event and brought over the Associated Student Body members from the high school to help with the event,” said Rodriguez.

“We are here to help with scores, times, guiding students where to go. It’s a lot of fun and the kids are so adorable to watch,” said ASB member Abby Huskey.

Parents, family and friends gathered to watch the excitement and friendly sportsmanship and offered a BBQ lunch. “A BBQ lunch was available for a $5 purchase and the proceeds will fund nexts years event,” said PE teacher Jim Imhoff.

The daily events showcased the fastest, strongest, and most skilled athletes at the elementary school. Students received a ribbon on site for first and second place. 

“I was so happy to get three ribbons from running and jumping and watch my friends win too,” said student Amy Guzman. 

A point system tallied points from each event and those with the most points will be awarded medals at a future date.

“My daughter has been talking about making healthier choices, being healthy, and sportsmanship. This all stems from this event. She is so excited to participate but sad it will be her last year,” said parent Brizia Tafolla. ■

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