Monday, July 26, 2021


Hold your horses

Equestrians, jockeys, cowboys and cowgirls, and “Philippa” (horse lovers) came to the Colusa County Fairgrounds on Saturday. Youths with 4-H, including those from neighboring counties, were there for their Horse Show. The invitation was open to FFA members and community members as well.

This show was one of the first qualifiers for the 4-H riders to compete at the State Fair Horse Show this summer. That is a chance for the 4-H members to showcase a culmination of their efforts put forth in their equine projects throughout the year. At the State Championship Horse Show, 4-H riders will have an opportunity to compete at a level beyond local, county, or regional events.

Placing first in Showmanship was Rebekah McPeek. 

McPeek, 14, has been riding for the past eight months, and was trained by Lori Henderson of “Boots and Bibles” in Arbuckle. 

“Sancho,” the winning unofficial Quarter Type with “grullo” coloring (grey/brown) loves doing trail rides, said McPeek, on a horse she borrowed. 

“For a pack horse, it was surprising how square he is,” she said,  referring to his even stance. 

McPeek began asking her parents for a horse when she was only three years old, and she is thrilled that her family may be able to make that dream come true, perhaps this summer. 

The youths were given two divisions to participate in: the Horse and Pony, and Gymkhana, which showcased the athletic side of the event.

High Point/Reserve winners for 2019 are:

Western Division:

  • 4: H Walk: Jog
    • High Point Buckle Winner: Bella Heryford
    • Reserve award: Emme Faris
  • 4: H Junior
    • Buckle winner: Jenna Wilson
    • Reserve: Josie Leightly
  • 4: H Senior 
    • Buckle winner: Mikayla Collins
    • Reserve: Rebekah McPeek
  • Open Walk/Jog 12 & Under 
    • Buckle winner: Eliana Beckett
    • Reserve: Charlie Hyatt
  • Open Walk/Jog 13: 18 
    • Buckle winner: Hannah Harden
    • Reserve: Jenna Wilson
  • Open 12 & Under Lope 
    • Buckle winner: Dalton Oiler 
    • Reserve: Kacey Hoffman
  • Open 13: 18 Lope 
    • Buckle winner: Gracie Langlois 
    • Reserve: Rosa Sloan

Gymkhana Division:

  • 4: H Junior 
    • Buckle winner: Jenna Wilson 
    • Reserve: Kacey Hoffman
  • 4: H Senior 
    • Buckle winner: Lilly Ekberg 
    • Reserve: Valentino Serafini
  • Open 18 & Under 
    • Buckle winner: Valentino Serafini 
    • Reserve: Kacey Hoffman
  • Walk: Jog 
    • Buckle winner: Gunner Hyatt 
    • Reserve:  Charlie Hyatt

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