Hotcakes with heroes


First responders broke out their massive grills and welcomed people into the firehouse on Market Street on Saturday morning.

The Colusa Firefighters Association have been holding their Pancake Breakfast for Colusa County for over 45 years, give or take a few years. Originally a semi-annual event, the breakfast has been held annually except for a few missed years when emergencies, training, and other conflicts put the Pancake Breakfast on the back burner. But Saturday morning, Colusa woke up to the smell of a warm breakfast for donation only.

Firefighter Shawn “McCay” Green was chairman of the breakfast. As the name Green suggests, he said he was the new guy, a volunteer in training, when he found himself in charge of the event. Green said that, at first, he was running around trying to get everything done, but then he was urged to delegate roles and responsibilities. He started with the raffle items, then get involved in fliers, signs, banners, networking, and then the shopping and setup. 

“It was a learning experience but fun, too,” Green said. 

Calling it “the pancake situation,” Green was keenly aware that the event had real-world applications towards an “emergency situation” with firefighters ready at specific stations. When guests came through the roll-up door, they were greeted by firefighters whom Green referred to as “communications,” then came those in “equipment,” which was a table with cutlery and plates. The kitchen team had a designated leader, too.

Retired Senior Captain Doug Jeffs was able to keep guests plenty hydrated by serving orange juice, milk, and coffee. Even though Jeffs retired quite some time ago, it is reported that he still comes in daily for a cup of coffee and to keep an unofficial eye on the firefighters.

Speaking on behalf of all the firefighters, Green stated that their aim for the breakfast is “doing something to bring people together.” 

The food was devoured quickly, which kept a steady flow of people moving in and out throughout the morning. All of the work was considered a success. Firefighter Anthony Azevedo reported a total of 140 pounds of pancake mix used and estimated a gross of over $3,000 raised. Everyone involved in “the pancake situation” worked together to make sure all the guests were attended to and left satiated. ■