Monday, July 26, 2021


Colusa dances in the street

Saturday night, the Colusa County Arts Council hosted a repeat of last year’s Street Dance. 

The corner of 5th and Market streets was blocked off for tables, and a stage for the Township Band was set up to perform live. 

The event was meant to be in tandem with the Kentucky Derby, but only one derby hat was donned… although there was a gentleman wearing a large sombrero. Unlike this year’s derby, the Street Dance was free from upset. 

The crowd turned out with anticipation of a good time and dancing, and the Arts Council saw to that with libations. The event was nestled in front of the Sportsman Club, which also served Mint Juleps. 

Next to the stage was a booth from the Tap Room. Bartender Ciera Green said that “Prankster,” by North Coast Brewery, was the most popular drink she served.

The area wafted with the scent of street tacos, offered by Serrano Gonzalez. A labor of love, Gonzalez cooks in his free time, honing in on the flavors that complimented the variety of toppings offered.

The Colusa County Art Council’s headquarters was open, providing a quieter venue from the lively music. Outside was a booth with art from Max Komissarchik, painter, sculptor, and art teacher. 

“I’ve been painting all my life,” said Komissarchik, who was surrounded by self portraits and colorful images of felines.

Learning from last year’s event, members of the Arts Council decided to hold it on 5th Street, which proved to be a smart move because the CAPC was able to assist with electricity.

New resident, Richard Register, said he came out to see the local flavor after overhearing scuttlebutt from his roommate and decided to come make new acquaintances. 

Organizers proclaimed the event a success. 

“We’ve done well,” said Sharon Reische. “We’re 120 to 150 (attendees), about the same as last year.” 

Reische asserted that the event is intended to be an annual event. ■

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