A thousand-to-two shot


For the second time this year, Williams Elementary awarded a student with 1,000+ points toward the “Reading Counts” award. 

Cecilia Ambriz, 9, had met her goal, and students applauded on Friday morning during their award ceremony as Cecilia accepted her trophy with a large golden star on it.

Cecilia shyly claimed “Ivy + Bean” to be her favorite, one of many books according to her third grade teacher, who also reported that “Who Was,” a series of biographies, and “Magic Tree House” were also among Cecilia’s favorites. 

Cecilia claims that she mostly reads at night, which helps her to relax. However, to reach her goal, she also “read everywhere,” according to her sister, Lucero “Lucy” Ambriz. 

“She took a book with her in the car; in the bathroom,” said Lucy, who encouraged her younger sister’s early reading habits. “You can do it, you can do it. Because once you hit fourth grade, that’s when it really starts.” ■