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No longer out of sight, out of mind

Residents of College City believe that a sign into town is long overdue and efforts to erect one have been moving forward.

Although Pierce Christian College has been closed for 124 years and the building in College City no longer stands, the community still claim the name. The opening of Pierce High School brought students to Arbuckle, but College City remains relatively overlooked with the exception of a question by people noting the freeway exit sign, “Where’s the college?”

College City may be small, but it is historic. Founded over 150 years ago, Andrew Peirce had the land, which he used to raise sheep, granted to him by a patent from President Andrew Johnson in 1855. Upon his death, his estate went to build Pierce Christian College. Due to a clerical error, the misspelled name “Pierce” stuck. Eventually, the college doors were closed due to costs but shortly after, Pierce High School took its place.

College City resident and former Pierce coach and history teacher, Tim Brumley, is on the frontlines for raising money for the new sign.

“As of right now, we’re a quarter of a way to our goals,” Brumley said.

Lee Traynham had donated a section of his land for the new sign. Gravel for the sign is planned to be laid down, Brumley estimates within two weeks.

Working with the efforts of the Sacramento Valley Museum, the Arbuckle Revitalization Committee want the masonry and brick work to match the Arbuckle fire station sign, which will be done by the same company.

Tax deductible donations will be gratefully accepted to help move the project forward and can be sent to ARC, PO Box 784, Arbuckle, CA 95912. ■

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