Everything is coming up roses



UCEE Master Gardners of Colusa County met with art hobbyists and advanced horticulturists on Saturday morning to learn about and discuss all things roses. Held monthly at the Colusa library with varying topics, the meetings are open to residents to learn more about botanicals specific to the area.

Discussions sprouted from topics about maintenance, pests, diseases, nutrients, pruning, watering, funguses, etc. Questions were encouraged and sage advice was given by Master Gardener and emcee, Carolyn Froelich.

“The three most important things: location: you want six hours minimum of direct sunlight, good air circulation, and good draining soil,” Froelich said.

Literature and books that have been cultivated by experts were on hand to loan out for anyone interested and some novices even walked away with a book gifted to them from the group.

The Master Gardener Program is a public service and outreach program from the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, tended by local volunteers.
The presentation was only one in a series that is offered every second Saturday of each month. Anyone interested is invited to attend. Presentations start at 10 AM. June 8 will be irrigation for lawns and flowers; July 13 is a talk about Irrigation for vegetables; and August 13 will cover building up your soil. ■