Children express gratitude for moms


A unique garden blooming in front of the Colusa Child Care Center was an expression of gratitude – a labor of love from the students to a special adult in their lives.

On Friday, moms and caregivers picking up their young ones from the Colusa Child Care Center were invited to also pluck a specially-crafted flower from out front of the school.

Youths at the preschool used colors and shapes to create flowers never before seen in nature to honor a caregiver of their choosing, just in time for Mother’s day.

Although the official stance of the school is to not celebrate holidays, the children had an opportunity to offer a token to a beloved caregiver for Mother’s Day weekend.

“As a part of our policy, we don’t celebrate holidays,” said Sarah Koskondy, area manager for the preschool. “Technically Mother’s Day is a holiday. We thought it’d be (focused on) caregivers and the special people in our lives.”

In addition to the upcoming Mother’s Day, May 6-10 was also teacher appreciation week.

“As much as they appreciate us, we appreciate our parents,” Koskondy said.

Staff at the Colusa Child Care Center saw the event as an opportunity to express their sentiments toward parents and caregivers, while being respectful of the different family dynamics.

(The staff) thought it’d be something fun, and not to just recognize the moms but the caregivers we work with everyday,” Koskondy explained. ■