Monday, July 26, 2021


Pierce parents browse student projects

Elementary students in Arbuckle invited their families to school where art and science projects were proudly displayed. 

On May 14, after parents met with their children’s teachers in the classroom, they were invited to the auditorium to peruse accomplishments of students in kindergarten through sixth grade. 

Art by the youths were variations a different themes for each classroom, showcasing individual perspectives. School Principal Summer Shadley confirmed that some of the student’s artwork will be on display at the Colusa County Fair in June. 

Kindergarten teacher Steve Saunders had encouraged his students to shape clay into spheres, cones, and cubes as a part of their curriculum standard. 

“This is a part of our standard” Saunders said, adding, “They learned that vocabulary. It actually worked out pretty well, better than planned.” 

The science experiment that Saunders’ students explored were germs swabbed on to pitri dishes. 

Although this was Saunders’ first year as a kindergarten teacher, he is a veteran of many elementary grades. 

“You know what the greatest thing is the growth,” Saunders said. “In third and fourth grade, it’s harder to see that they’ve grown since the beginning of the year. Kindergarten – they come in and they don’t know letters; they don’t know sounds. After we test them, I can see that this kid now knows 60 sounds and all the letter names and can count, and I know they couldn’t do it at the beginning of the year.”

Other science projects included titles such as “Homopolar Motors Circuits.” Fourth grader Austin Cline proudly demonstrated his group’s ability to make copper wires spin on a battery. Francisco Ruiz and his classmates in Debbie Scott’s fifth grade learned about Newton’s laws of gravity and created miniature roller-coasters that actually worked with marbles. 

Butterfly life cycles, experiments with gummy bears in different fluids, and many other curiosities were presented on poster board, giving parents an appreciation for what their children have learned about during the school year. ■

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