High school art students exhibit creative works


A sandwich sign in front of the Colusa County Art Council’s studio promoted the premier of an art show by high school students on Thursday. 

Patrons enjoyed free refreshments while they discussed the artwork on display.

Jean Summerville is an art teacher at Colusa High School and stated that this event was the culmination of the finals from her students in her Studio Art class. Sharon Reische, Art Council member, stated that this event was also run by the students of Summerville’s class. 

The Art Council is hopeful that this will become an annual event where all the art students in Colusa County high schools will participate. 

“The students were curators and we invited the other schools,” Reische said. “And Williams responded.” 

Each grouping presented in the gallery were connected into themes. 

Art enthusiast Barbara Donnelly remarked to Summerville, “I like the fact that you had your kids think about what they were going to do.”

Edgar Cruz, a junior at Colusa High School, and his younger sister came to see his work displayed among those of his classmates. 

Encouraged by Summerville, who responded to students’ requests for specific art projects, Cruz decided to explore evolving themes. 

“I combined animals with other items,” said Cruz, adding, “I start with random objects and see what kinds of things come from it.” 

Cruz said he used a Micron pen for fine lines and filled the images with an India ink wash.

Juledi Arambula, a junior at Colusa High School exhibited her take on shapes with nature but decided instead of color, to confine her collection to black ink on white paper with black matting. “I wanted to strictly just use one medium, I wanted to challenge myself so I just used a Sharpie and I chose a black background so the shapes would stand out more,” Headley said. 

Ricey explained that although a few of the pieces were available for purchase, the event was “not a fundraiser but an exhibition of what the (students) can do.” 

A previous photography art exhibit by Cameron Telford on April 4 had proceeds go to Summerville’s art class, raising $1,770. Summerville says she intends to purchase frames for next year’s exhibit. 

“I liked (the Studio Art class) because we’ve been given more liberty and freedom to do more art projects,” Cruz said. 

Both Cruz and Headley intend to take the Studio Art class again in their senior year. Beyond high school, “I want to go into a STEM major for sure but I don’t want to disregard art. I want to incorporate it in my career for sure,” said Cruz. ■