Redneck Rodeo aims for funny and fun


As summer approaches, the nights get warmer. People can really let down their hair (and mullets) at the Redneck Rodeo on June 5. All are welcomed to attend.

The lighthearted event is designed to bring good times and revenue to maintain the fairgrounds, but is not to be confused with the fair. Every year, the Wednesday prior to the fair’s opening night, the Colusa County Fair Foundation hosts an event with a humerous intent.

Secretary for the Colusa County Fair Foundation Shiela Etchepare points out, “(CCFF) has nothing to do with the operation of the fairgrounds. Ours is about preserving the integrity of the infrastructure and those 55 acres.” This is the third year that CCFF has raised funds with a total gross of $869,025.

Arriving early at 5:30 PM will be the Redneck Rodeo contestants, but the Rodeo officially starts at 6 PM. 

Don’t let the theme fool you; the event will be in good taste thanks to the pitmasters at the Lion’s Club. For $10, you can get a plate with pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, drinks, and a dessert.

The music DJ, sponsored by Durham Pump, will be ready to take dedication requests for a donation. Grab your best dancing boots and twirl a girl around to your favorite tune.

Teams will compete in a goat milking contest with a twist: Instead of a milking stool, participants will park their keesters on cozy tractor chairs. Each seat will be auctioned off and worth the purchase as they were designed by the folks at Emerald Farms and provided by Terry Bressler.

Teams are Colusa-Glen Farm Credit Loco Loanerz, Colusa County Firefighters Dry Hose Fire Brigade, Colusa County Farm Supply Pest Pounders and Grow West Dirt Doctors. Tickets for the teams will be given to any size donation. Tickets can be obtained from the team members or any of the CCFF directors, or purchased at the Colusa County Fairgrounds.

The event will be held in the TK Marshall Pavilion of the Colusa County Fairgrounds at 6 PM on June 5, so there’s still time to donate to your favorite team.■