Tons of tacos at Colusa Meat Market 

Colusa Meat Market owners, Juan and Elizabeth Hernandez present hat, apron, and meat cut to their first Taco Cook-Off winner on Sunday afternoon.

The only thing better than tacos is free tacos. 

The popular food was made fresh by four groups of cooks all claiming to know the secret to the best tacos. 

To celebrate a year in business, the Colusa Meat Market on Fremont Street hosted the cook-off on Sunday afternoon. Each contestant was provided with tortillas, five pounds of chicken, and ten pounds of beef asada. Contestants provided the seasoning, sauces, and taco toppings. 

Richard Garcia, of Colusa, enjoyed tacos from all the competitors. 

“It was a variety of stuff; it was very good, I mean, wow” Garcia exclaimed. 

Garcia is a faithful customer of Colusa Meat Market, where he buys his favorite tortilla chips that come from Maxwell. 

Customers of Colusa Meat Market have come to expect the freshest quality from the small business. Co-owners Elizabeth and Juan Hernandez hosted the event. 

Juan Hernandez said the turnout was perfect, and was a great chance to get a feel for what to expect for cook-off events in the future.

A teriyaki twist won the judges over. Winner Chaz Franklin said he came up with the idea the night before to add pineapple. The risk payed off handsomely in that Franklin was crowned with a straw hat and robed with an apron for the win. Franklin’s marbled trophy was an expensive cut of tomahawk rib-eye, which local VFW member Bill Tanner hoped Franklin would cook for the next VFW meeting. 

Franklin had his two sons working with him. Lewis Franklin’s lips were sealed when it came to the contents of the winning dish, claiming that the secret ingredient was love. 

A previous attempt at the cook-off was thwarted by wet weather. But adverse conditions, had there been any this time around, would not have deterred contestants Roberto and Rochelle Resendez. 

“I’m in, no matter what, I’m in,” Roberto Resendez said. “I’ll cook in the rain, sunshine, I don’t care. Come out and have a fun time.” 

Vanessa Munoz was on a team with Colusa City firefighters Marco Bedolla and Emilio Swift. 

Irene Davis was one of three judges and said that her criteria for picking the winner was based on taste and presentation. Davis said that the decision was not an easy one.

Tanner turned down the opportunity to be a judge, and after sampling each of the offerings, he said he couldn’t have picked a favorite. ■